Phase 2 

How will the intervention be developed?

The intervention will be developed following the Medical Research Council Developing Complex Interventions Framework. This framework provide a systematic process for development.

The framework includes ‘stakeholders’ to support the intervention development.  Stakeholders will include parents, healthcare professionals, charity sector and researchers.  Stakeholders will be invited to participate in workshops held throughout the development process.  These workshops will commence with introducing the research related to treatment decision-making and to understand the aims of the intervention.  Stakeholders will be shown different types of interventions to gain feedback and ideas about these, such as what is liked/not liked and whether they could be used by parents.  Later workshops in the development process will include stakeholder ideas on the best way to design the intervention, including what it should look like and how it should be delivered. 

Once developed, parents and healthcare professionals will be asked to test the intervention developed.


How will parents and healthcare professionals participate in testing the intervention?

Parents and healthcare professionals can self-refer to participate in testing the intervention. Testing will be carried out through an interview with Helen Pearson (the researcher). This involves reviewing the intervention to assess its usability (how easy the intervention is to use, navigate and understand) and acceptability (is the language, content and design appropriate).

Self-referral to participate can be through completing the contact form below or by direct message on @redmapp_study twitter or instagram page. Recruitment adverts will also be publicised on charity social media platforms. By making contact, this means Helen can send the information pack for phase 2 (which is different to phase 1). Helen will send the information pack to the email address provided and arrange a follow-up phone call to discuss the study a minimum of 24 hours later. The parent or healthcare professional can then decide to participate or decline being involved in testing the intervention. Speaking with Helen does not mean they have to participate.


What happens if a parent or healthcare professional agrees to participate?

If a parent or healthcare professional agrees to be involved in testing the intervention, an interviews will be arranged. The interview will either be virtual or face-to-face and arranged at a convenient time for the participant.  The interview date/time/location will be organised at the time a person agrees to participate in the study (this would be when the parent/healthcare professional and Helen speak to discuss the study). Consent will be taken at the time of the interview. A copy of the consent form is in the participant information pack which can be read in advance to understand what is being consented too.

The contact form below will be enabled when recruitment for phase 2 is open. This is anticipated to be late 2023. Updates will be provided via the REDMAPP website, instagram and twitter page.

What happens once the intervention is ready?

We need to support parents and those using the intervention. This will be achieved in a variety of ways:

  • Information sheets and infographics of how to use the intervention will be created
  • Sharing the findings throughout the paediatric oncology community through presentations at parent and healthcare professional national and international meetings and conferences to maximise impact and awareness
  • Having a contact point for queries and feedback relating to the intervention

Whenever change is implemented it is important to evaluate its effectiveness in clinical practice. Therefore the intervention will require ongoing evaluation and adjustments to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of parents who are making repeated treatment decisions.

Contact box will be here when phase 2 opens.